USC have created one of the toughest, lightest and most compact slings on the market today. At the heart of our HP slings is our specially blended Spectra yarn. This yarn is much more cut resistant than polyester and up to 3 times stronger giving you a sling which is stronger, more durable, more compact and up to 50% lighter than a polyester sling.

Our high tenacity polyester sleeving combined with floating wear sleeves are the toughest you can get, and our covered ‘tough tags’ all mean your slings will stay in service longer and cost you less in the long run. Lighter more compact slings also means less OH&S issues for your workforce.

The benefits are obvious;

  • Faster rigging
  • Easier storage for transport
  • Longer lasting
  • Lighter
  • Less OH&S issues
  • More durable: 4t WLL to 350T WLL
  • Lengths: 500mm to 50m
  • Up to 50% lighter than equivalent polyester round slings
  • Tough covered tags
  • Conform to AS4497.2018 Roundslings-synthetic fibre
  • Individually tested to 2 x WLL with NATA cert.
  • Safety Factor: 7:1
  • Working temperature range: -40 to 70 degrees C.
  • Specific gravity: 1.1
  • Strength loss when wet: Nil
  • Elongation at WLL less than 1%
  • Elongation at break approx. 4-5%
  • Creep resistance: Very Good
  • Microbial resistance: Very Good
  • Abrasion resistance: Very Good
  • Cut resistance of core yarn: Excellent
  • Excellent resistance to mildew, rot and UV
  • Chemical resistance: The high performance fibres used in USC HP round slings exhibit high resistance to both acids and alkalis, as well as organic solvents. They are also stable against seawater and steam and show good hydrolytic resistance.

EXPERT USE ONLY: Always inspect your slings before use for any damage and only use if you have been trained by a competent person.

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