drum lifter

Drum Lifters: 500kg WLL

  • Come with or without head-rings
  • Flexible and easy to use

Axle Straps

Axle catch straps can be made to any length, width or strength required, contact us for further details.


PTC Sleeving

USC supply a range of Polyester Tubular Cloth or PTC sleeving for mooring ropes and the like, from flat widths ranging from 43mm through to 280mm. Wider widths and heavy walled sleeving can be made to order using a variety of materials, and colours.

Flat Width Diameter When Round
43mm 27mm
49mm 31mm
62mm 39mm
69mm 44mm
74mm 47mm
79mm 50mm
92mm 58mm
110mm 70mm
140mm 89mm
160mm 102mm
230mm 146mm
280mm 178mm

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