USC manufactures a range of snatch straps, tow strops and winch extension straps.

Snatch Straps

The most common product used in this area would be Snatch Straps. USC snatch straps are made with break strengths (BS) from 8t through to 150t and are designed to recover vehicles which are badly bogged, and can also be used for towing.

  • Easy to handle and store
  • Rot and mildew resistant
  • Standard length 9m, other lengths made to order
  • 100% nylon
  • Approximately 20% stretch at break
  • Ratings are actual break strengths
  • Snatch strap rating should be 2–3 times vehicles GVM
  • Anti-recoil straps fitted from 8t to 84t for added safety

WARNING — Always follow product instructions. It is important to correctly attach the motor vehicle recovery strap to a motor vehicle. A standard tow ball or vehicle tie-down point is not designed for this purpose and may result in the strap or a vehicle component detaching from a motor vehicle and striking and seriously injuring or killing a person. Only attach the strap to a vehicle recovery point or device that is suitably rated for use with the strap. Incorrect use has previously resulted in serious injury and death.

It is strongly advised to seek training in the use of this product by a competent person.


Tow Strops

Tow strops are designed for towing applications only or recovering a vehicle without ‘snatching’ the vehicle from a bogged situation. Using tow strops for recovery should be done very slowly, avoid applying any dynamic loads as this can result in connecting points breaking or breaking the actual tow strop.

Tow strops can be made in either polyester or high performance Spectra yarn:

  • Eye-eye style with centre sleeve
  • Made from 7t through to 1000t break strength (BS)
  • Tow-strops should be 2–3 times the vehicles GVM
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Heavy reinforced eyes
  • All lengths made to order

Polyester tow strops are a good all-round economical choice:

  • 10–15% stretch at break
  • Good UV and chemical resistance

High performance Spectra tow strops will last longer and are easier to handle than polyester tow strops:

  • 4–5% stretch at break
  • Excellent UV and chemical resistance
  • Excellent cut resistance of core yarn
  • 50% lighter than polyester
  • More compact, easier to store than polyester tow strops

USC tow strops are made with extra heavy duty wear pads in each eye and are all rated and tagged and stencilled with towing only, not to be used for lifting.

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USC Also Produce:

  • Winch extension straps
  • Tree protectors
  • Tow strops can be made using flat polyester webbing up to 150t BS
  • Webbing tow-strops can easily be rolled up and stored

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