Lifting Nets

Lifting nets can be made from a variety of webbing sizes. The most common lifting nets are made from 25mm or 50mm slotted webbing which makes a strong flexible net for a variety of lifting applications. Nets are generally made to measure because of their specialised application.

Cyclone nets or lashing nets are made to a similar specification as lifting nets and generally used to lash down goods in cyclone prone areas to stop debris flying around during a cyclone.

  • Made to AS1353.1 requirements
  • 25mm webbing nets rated to 500kg WLL
  • 50mm webbing nets rated to 2000kg WLL
  • Higher capacities made to order
  • Sizes made to order
  • 100% polyester for good chemical and UV resistance
  • High strength to weight ratio

Safety Nets

Safety nets can be made for enclosing handrails, pallet racking or the like and are made to order from a variety of polyester webbings.

Wheel Nets

Wheel nets are specialised nets that are generally used to lift vehicles such as cars, trucks and buses from cargo holds of ships and the like. Vehicles can be rolled onto the nets for easy lifting and the rolled off after the lift, no need for time consuming jacking.

  • Wheel nets are purpose made to suit the vehicle being lifted
  • Made from 100% polyester for good chemical and UV resistance
  • Made to the requirements of AS1353.1
  • Wheel nets are always used and rated in pairs
  • The vehicle’s wheel diameter, wheel track width and weight are required for accurate quotes
  • Individually tested to 2 x WLL

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