Synthetic slings should always be used with appropriate wear sleeves to lengthen their working life by protecting them from cutting and abrasion or contamination from chemicals. Wear sleeves can either be sewn onto the sling directly or made using Velcro so that they can be applied onsite or removed and replaced.

wear sleeve 003USC can make custom wear sleeves to suit a particular application using many different materials. Wear sleeves are generally made into Velcro sleeves or can be sewn directly to sling.

XTRA Wear pads, made from 2 ply heavy duty sling webbing with 1 or 2 sheets of PE plastic inside sleeve. Pads strap onto slings via Velcro straps and are suitable for edge protection on larger slings generally. Made in widths from 100mm to 500mm generally 1m long but can be made to whatever length required.

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